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David Merlin is an artist specialized in creating portraits and expressive artworks. Montrealer by adoption but Parisian by origin, his inspiration comes especially from cinema, but also from history and litterature. On his paintings, the artist projects a personal view of the different characters and their emotions, while bringing some ambiguity as to the vision they can offer to the viewer.


The subjects of his works are selected according to their background as well as the aura they exude . The influence of several musical styles , especially classical music, also enriches the universe of his portraits. Through the use of chiaroscuro and close-ups , Merlin creates fascinating works illustrating a wide variety of characters. From the sinister face of a man weathered by the sun, to the pale complexion of a pensive young woman, each emanates a presence that can be appreciated in its own way !


David Merlin is represented by Galerie 203 in Montreal.




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